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L'Hymne sur les Panthères Noir
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A.K.A »Tøøts« ∆ »Ånark€€« & »Jåh Mårlëy« § I'm a man of many titles . . i'm an artist / freelance writer / journalist / photographer / musician / martial artist from New Orleans & and the list is steadily augmenting for i am always seeking to expand my knowledge . . . through knowledge comes mastery . . . with mastery comes the ability to create .and. with the ability to manifest energy comes power . .
i am a perfectly peaceful being however if you somehow find a way onto my dark side, like Anakin, I am a remorseless spirit . . .

on this blog you will mainly find a collage of pictures and writings that i feel purvey my beliefs, my inner spirituality and some things in life that humor me . . being the lover of art and activism that i am, you will find plenty of artwork however you will also find a plethora of provocative writing . . much of what i post may seem like i'm stirring up trouble but i assure you it is the truth . . "as steel sharpens steel, man sharpens man", so consider this blog as Xcaliber to Arthur or a Lightsaber to a Master of the Force, at ya neck like Dooku if yu not actively spreading peace love and respect . .

in the end, all i ask is that you approach with an open mînd, spread the knöwledge & enjoy the hîghlîghts of life .. check the playlist at the top left & hit my inbox & let me know how ya feelin! . . .
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D&D Stats Explained with Tomatoes





mindchildofmadness submits:

Strength is being able to crush a tomato.

Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato.

Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato.

Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

Charisma is being able to sell a tomato based fruit salad.



If I stop reblogging this assume I’m dead

Every time I see this I get tears down my face from laughing.

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KKK Petition ‘Purge’ Hoax: Ku Klux Klan ‘Purge of African Americans’ Fake; 2 Million Signatures Petition Doesn’t Exist

The EpochTimes

Summary It goes on to say, “Producers of the movie ‘The Purge’ deeply apologize for what their movie has caused and claim you will not find their signature anywhere on the petition, but a quick scan of the petition revealed at least five of their relatives agree with purging on African Americans.” Another disclaimer elaborates: “All reports and other information on this page may or may not be 100% accurate. It’s not news, it’s entertainment. All other comments are my personal opinion, but try not to take the [expletive] seriously and come at me … because I will and do sue. I’m just a young [expletive] tryna get rich. I do not take credit for any media featured on this site. All featured media is the property of its respected owners or whoever submits it to” On social media websites, a number of people apparently believed the KKK article.

I didn’t even believe this shit was real when i saw it honestly




On an Island north of Siberia, frozen remains of a mammoth have been discovered with blood that is STILL liquid! The 10,000-year-old beast was found on one of the Lyakhovsky Islands in the Novosibirsk archipelago off the northern coast of Siberia. Researchers from the Northeastern Federal University in Yakutsk poked the remains with an ice pick and, incredibly, blood flowed out.

Since the temperature during excavation was -7 to -10 degrees celsius, the scientist say that “It may be assumed that the blood of mammoths had some cryoprotective properties”. How fucking awesome is that!?


we can open a jurassic park now

Wow interesting

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“ Sociologists who have looked closely at the intolerably prevalent level of gang-related crime in inner city areas have concluded that “boys reared in father-absent homes gravitate to gangs and gang activities,” apparently in part because these fatherless boys lack a healthy domestic exemplar of masculine identity and are therefore trying to “demonstrate compensatory masculine development,” a kind of pathological “‘hypermasculinity’ evident in aggressive gang activities.” ”